Happy Fourth of July!

I am so happy that I got the the 4th of July off. I don’t have any special plans today because it is currently raining cats and dogs outside my window, but I am never going to object to a nice relaxing day in. Thankfully, I did get to celebrate last night with some of my friends.

We went to Don Julio Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar and then headed downtown for some fireworks. The food was amazing and fresh and it didn’t even take 10 minutes for them to bring us our food.

The Fireworks were amazing and music was playing as the fireworks lit the sky. There were 100s of people there and it was quite packed, but such a good time. It was a short and sweet night.

I do hope that everyone else is enjoying the 4th and having some amazing barbecue, as well as, creating great memories with family and friends.