Fun Things to Do in L.A. at No Cost

Los Angeles is such a great city and I often visit, but it can get pretty pricey. It’s nice to know that there are quite a few free options that L.A. offers. You can still have an amazing time and take great pictures without spending a single penny.

1. Santa Monica Pier

This is such a great place to visit. It’s fun to walk around and take cool pictures in front of the beach. There are also free mini shows on the pier.

2. Rodeo Drive

You can almost smell the money on Rodeo, but it’s so fun to walk around and window shop or even travel further down and see some of the cool mansions. You might even get lucky and see a celebrity.

3. Pink Wall

This wall is so pretty and people line up just to take a picture in front of it. Slap on a cool out and pose baby.

4. Hollywood Walk of Fame

There is always something going on and you definitely meet some interesting people. You can look down and see some of your favorite celebrities who’ve been awarded a star.

5. Los Angeles County Museum of Art

I’ve seen so many cool pictures from here and it’s such a cool place to visit, especially at night.

6. Rooftop Parties

Sometimes when there is a new restaurant or club, they’ll host free events, so they can draw more business to their place. I’ve been to a few of these and they are so fun and the DJs are usually really good. You can usually find these events of