Your Inner Creative

Creativity can be broadly defined as having a traditional idea and making it into something new and innovative.

Creativity is something that I believe we all have in us. I also believe we show our creativity in different ways. I don’t think that creativity is just having an idea or thought, but actually making those ideas and thoughts a reality. That is when creativity takes effect and that’s when I feel like a person is being his or her best self.

The beauty in creativity is that it’s your work and your art and it can never be duplicated. You can give two people the same tools and tell them to draw or create the same thing and their work won’t be the same. We all think different and have different ideas.

It’s funny to think that some people don’t find themselves to be creative. If you are an entrepreneur, you are creative. If you are a landscaper, you are creative. Creativity doesn’t only refer to paintings and sculptures. It can refer to anything.

Creativity is fun and is meant to be spontaneous. Creativity is something that should be natural and never forced. It should never be taken too seriously. I believe that takes the fun out of it, so get cooky and weird and create whatever flows naturally out of your mind or fingers. It’s okay if it doesn’t make sense. Most of the time, it’s not meant to. You know you have gotten out of touch with your creativity when it becomes more of a chore and what you are creating is no longer fun.

Being creative allows you to disconnect and spend time in the moment. It is freeing and relaxing. There are so many things that have been created that a lot of the world hasn’t seen, but that’s okay because everything created is not meant to be seen by everyone. Sometimes people get creative to stay in touch with themselves. Sometimes it serves as a reminder of who they really are.