A Woman’s Confidence

It’s hard being a woman in this world. We are constantly ridiculed and picked apart. We are made to feel like we are less than unless we look a certain way or act a certain way. Some of us fitting in, so we don’t stand out, but deep down we are dying inside. We are dying to be our true authentic selves, but we are scared of being judged. Our insecurities eating at us day in and day out keeping us grounded where we are while our biggest dreams and our true identity are bouncing around us…almost taunting us for our fake-ness.

You know what they say, we are three people. We are the person people think we are, the person we see ourselves as, and a little in between.

I believe that we value the opinions of others way too much. Sometimes more than our own which is beyond crazy. We ask questions like, “What do you think?” or “Would this be a good idea?” Now I’m not saying it’s not right to get some guidance in your life, but it’s sad when you don’t value your thoughts or opinions. You have lost complete confidence in yourself and your decisions to the point where you don’t even trust your own judgement. You think other people can guide you in the right direction. The same people who are usually lost themselves or trying to figure out this thing called “life” just like you.

A lack of confidence can be such a dangerous thing. It can cause you to end up in situations or relationships that you have no business being in. It can also cause you to miss out on the life that was destined for you. A lack of confidence not only affects you emotionally and mentally, but it affects your life. If you are unsure of yourself and your self-worth then how are you going to live your best life. How are you going to be the best you and take over the world.

A confident woman is a beautiful thing. She knows herself in and out, she values herself, and she knows what she deserves and won’t settle for anything less. A confident woman can’t be easily swayed or convinced. She stands in her truth and doesn’t value other’s opinions over her own. A confident woman doesn’t let others tell her who she is, she knows who she is. A confident woman gains more opportunities and believes that she deserves them.

One thing you can do to start building your confidence is being positive. Stop hanging around people who are negative Nancys and never have anything good to say. All they do is complain and complain. Every time they open their mouth, they are spewing negativity.  Hang around positive people who make you laugh and only uplift you and you them. Be around people who you can comfortably tell an idea to and they will push you to go for it. Be around people who you can have great fun with and who bring out your beauty and your youthfulness. Be around people who are confident and start to copy their mannerisms and their way of talking. You know the saying, fake it until you make it. No one builds confidence over night. It is a process, but eventually you will see yourself change into the person you were meant to be.

Self-confidence helps you to make good decisions for your life because you aren’t trying to impress others. You were not put on this earth to make others comfortable. Their comfort is their problem. You were put on this earth to be the best you and to inspire other to be the best they can be. How can you do that without confidence?

People in this world let their insecurities eat at them, but what for? Sometimes the very thing you are insecure about is something that others wish they had. Don’t wear the opinions of others because it will only weigh you down. It is dangerous to let others have so much power over you.