The Stubborn Mule

I went to brunch with some girlfriends over the weekend and got to try this cool spot called The Stubborn Mule.

I decided to try the $14 Bottomless Mimosas. I have to say that these were not the best mimosas. They used regular champagne instead of Moscato which, in my opinion, made the mimosas taste quite bitter. I chose the pineapple mimosas and I barely tasted the pineapple. To me, mimosas are supposed to be a light and refreshing drink. Unfortunately, I was really disappointed with the mimosas.

When we were finally seated, the waiter brought out cucumber infused water which I loved. It was so refreshing, especially since we were sitting outside.

The brunch menu had so many options, so I decided to look at the Google pictures in order to make my decision on what to eat. I decided on “Steak & eggs.” It was so freaking good. The steak was nice and tender. The potatoes were crispy and the eggs were nicely scrambled. The sauce that was paired with the dish was amazing as well and I even asked for seconds.

Now while I wouldn’t get the mimosas again, I would definitely come back for the food. It was absolutely amazing food and it tasted so fresh.