Five Feet Apart Thoughts

The first time I heard about cystic fibrosis, I was in eighth grade and I was reading “Till Death Do Us Part,” by Lurlene McDaniel. I became instantly intrigued with this disease. If you don’t know already, cystic fibrosis is a hereditary disease where the CFTR protein is defective and causes the mucus in various organs to become thick and sticky. As a result, airways get clogged by the mucus. This can cause bacterial infections, inflammation, and other complications. Now, I am not a doctor so if you want to learn more about this disease, it is best to do your own research.

The life expectancy of a person with CF used to be short. With advances in medicine and science, some people with CF now live well into their 50s. I remember when I was in my sophomore year of college and I got the opportunity to interview a student who had CF for a Journalism piece. It was so interesting to hear her story and how she lived day by day because she didn’t know when her last day would be. This particular student was always in the hospital for pneumonia. At the time we spoke, the oldest person to live with CF was in their late 40s. She was hoping to live as long. The interview definitely put things into perspective for me.


This was a touching movie, so if you go see it, bring some tissues with you. This movie did a great job of showing  realistic aspects of a CF patient’s daily routine. For example, it showed how dangerous it is for people with CF to be close to each other due to cross infection. This is why it is recommended that they stay six feet apart.


The movie was set in the hospital. I liked that it was a more focused setting because it allowed for other parts of the movie to be developed properly.


The main characters were Stella, Will, and Poe. The small cast allowed for the viewers to really learn about the characters. They are all characters who are suffering from CF. I got the impression that Stella and Poe both have been in the hospital for a while and had built a friendship because of this. Will is Stella’s love interest in the movie. He is in the hospital for a medical trial.

FINAL THOUGHTS (Kind of Spoiler Alert)

The movie was definitely a tear jerker. It showed how people with CF want the same things that other people, their age, want even with all they have to go through, but it doesn’t mean they can always have it, unfortunately. These two were in love, but CF is a serious condition and it shouldn’t be tampered with. Sometimes you can’t always have what you want. I love how much Will cared for Stella and wanted to keep her safe. It was also interesting to see how they showed their love for each other since they couldn’t show it in conventional ways.

This movie did a great job of bringing awareness to CF and how with friendships and great staff. it can make a CF patient’s hospital stay bearable. The ending was a bit ambiguous, but you’ll have to see the movie and make your own interpretation.