I Went to My First Ever Taco Festival

I went to my very first taco festival this past Sunday and thought I would share some of the highlights of the festival with you. It was so much and definitely a unique experience. There was margaritas, tacos (of course), wrestling, and a live band.


This was the first year that the festival was held and I can say it was a success. The ticket was $17 which I had to buy in advance. When you walk in, they give you one free drink voucher which I could only use on a margarita. I’m not complaining though. I also found another drink voucher on the ground, so I got two free margaritas. Woohoo! 😜 I purchased a $15 taco voucher. The voucher allowed me to get a total of five tacos from any taco place there.


The first taco place we tried was a small little stand called Taquizos Osarios. You could pick between steak tacos or quesadillas.


I opted for the steak taco and I loved it. Plus, I loved the way the tortilla was prepared. The onions also added a nice touch to the steak.

The next stand I tried was Tacos Carne Estrada. This stand offered only steak and pork tacos. I got the steak and my friend got both.


These were the best tacos I have had in my life and I have tried many different tacos. The meat was seasoned so well and it was so tender and juicy. I almost went back to get a second order.

The next stand I went to was the Fajita Express. I tried their smoked brisket tacos. They were so good and so tender.


Before I had my last taco, I got to experience a hilarious wrestling match. It was completely ridiculous and dramatic. The acting was terrible too, but it was so funny and such a good time. I was grateful for the entertainment.




During a 30 minute intermission from the wrestling match, my friend and I decided to get our last tacos.

The final place I tried was Taco Drive. This was a food truck and I have to say this was my least favorite of all the tacos I had tried. I tried the pork taco and the loaded tots.


The taco was dry and not seasoned that well. The tots were too salty and all in all overwhelming in taste. I was crushed because I had spent two vouchers at this place. I should have went back to Tacos Carne Estrada. Haha!

Thankfully, that was the only negative I had about the festival. It was honestly an amazing experience and I had so much fun. The price wasn’t bad either. I hope they have this festival next year because I will be attending.