Super Bowl Punch



I hope everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl. The Patriots won…again, but it’s cool even though I had high hopes for the underdog (LA. Rams). I hosted the Super Bowl party this year and it was quite fun. There was great food, drinks, and lots of laughter. I decided to make a rum punch for my Super Bowl party. I got the recipe from eHow (Youtube channel). It was a hit and everyone loved it. Yayyy! 😊



2 Cups of Ice

24 oz. 7up Soda

1 Bottle of Don Q Rum

6 oz. Orange Juice

6 oz. GrapeFruit Juice

2 Lemons, 2 Oranges

3 oz. Lime Juice

2 cans of 100% Pineapple Juice

3 oz. Grand Marnier Orange Liqueur


1. First put ice into bowl, then add lime juice and 1 bottle of the Don Q Rum.

2. Then add 2 cans of pineapple juice followed by

orange juice and grapefruit juice.

3. Then add orange liqueur

and 7up.

4. Slice oranges and lemons

and place in bowl.