Cornell Fine Arts Museum

Orlando, Fl


Let me start off by saying that I am not an art connoisseur. I cannot tell you what the lines represent in a famous painting off the top of my head or the difference between a Picasso or Claude Monet. With that being said, I still enjoy looking at people’s creations. Art gives a glimpse into what a person might be thinking or even how they view certain things in life. This is the very reason I enjoy and respect art.

To me, being an artist is a tough job. An artist has the freedom to create whatever they want, but also has to endure the great pressure of their masterpiece being criticized. Sometimes the criticism is great. Other times, the criticism can cause the artist to pack up his or her tools and never create again.

The Cornell Fine Arts museum houses great work from many different artists and I thought I would share my favorite series with you.

The Dangerous Women series was amazing because it depicted powerful women we have learned about through the bible and ancient history.



My favorite part of the series was the depiction of different stories in the bible which included the beheading of John the Baptist, Susannah & The Elders, Joseph & Potiphar’s wife, Hagar & The Angel, and Mary Magdalene.

Beheading of John the Baptist



Susannah & The Elders



Joseph & Potiphar’s Wife



Hagar & The Angel



Mary Magdalene



There were amazing art pieces throughout the museum, but I didn’t see it fit to show every piece I saw because that would defeat the purpose of you visiting. I think some things should be left to the imagination. Plus this series was where I spent most of my time because i thought it was so cool and it was like Bible stories coming to life.