The Glass knife



I needed to waste some time before a movie and decided to try this place called The Glass Knife. It’s a cute spot with many different, more elaborate deserts.

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The first thing I ordered was the Spiked Cherry Mimosa. It was refreshing. It also went well with my desserts. It tasted like a spiked cherry soda which I liked.












IMG_1513 2The next thing I ordered was a couple of their macaroons. I love macaroons and I have tried many, but they had a few flavors that I have never heard of before. One of them was the cotton candy macaroon. I can honestly say that this is now my favorite macaroon. I also really love strawberry macaroons, so I had to order one as well.






FullSizeRender 2The last desert I tried was the Eggnog Panna Cotta. It was my favorite and I will definitely be ordering this again. It did have the texture of flan, but with eggnog flavor. There was also a layer of blackcurrant gelee which I found to just add a little more sweetness to the eggnog. I loved the meringue trees and the spiced shortcut biscuit crumble. The crumble added a crunch to the desert that I never knew I needed.





I enjoyed trying these delicious treats and will definitely be coming back to try a few more. If you ever find yourself in Orlando, stop by this cool place.