L.A. Spots: Vitello’s


I am finally back from holiday vacation and it was a blast. I hope you all enjoyed your vacations as well. I went to some cool places while on vacation, but this place stuck out the most. Vitello’s is a restaurant that houses a jazz club upstairs. People come from all over the world to listen to great jazz music while eating delicious Italian foods.



I tried two of their drinks which I have to say were not very good. The Continental included premium vodka, white cranberry juice, house-made citrus elixir, and orange zest float. I ordered this because I thought it would have a refreshing and fruity taste, but it was way too strong. All I tasted was vodka and a hint of orange which was not very pleasing to my palette.


The second drink I ordered was the Raspberry Beret. This drink contained select vodka, fresh muddled raspberries, juiced lemon, and a sugar rim. It tasted like blended up raspberries with water. I did not taste any alcohol and I can honestly say this is the worst drink I have ever had.



Now the food was great. My mom and I ordered the calamari and my mom’s friend ordered the Cali Pie, which she shared with us. The calamari was fresh and crisp and the sauces were delicious. My favorite was the marinara sauce which had hint of spice to it. The Cali Pie was amazing. It had grilled chicken, applewood smoked bacon, red onion, cilantro, avocado, bbq sauce, and smoked mozzarella. I loved this pizza so much and regretted not actually ordering it.


The entertainment was amazing. They really knew how to play their instruments. They played a few Christmas numbers and then played some of their own music. It was a nice relaxing night with great music. I would definitely come back.