End of Year Prayer

Dear God,

Thank You for the many blessings you have bestowed upon me this year. I am grateful for the lessons that I have learned and the strength you have given me to push through the challenges I have faced this year.

While this year was great for some, it was also tough for others. Many people endured loses, whether it be a loved one or job and a lot of these people are grieving those losses. Help them through their time of grievance and help them to remember the good of their loved ones and to celebrate their lives instead of grieving their death. Help others to be patient when they have lost an opportunity because when you take something away, it’s just so that you can provide a bigger blessing.

Lord, it was evident this year that there has been a divide between people because of politics, race, and religious views. Please help to unite people and to help people see that we are all equal and all hand-crafted by your loving hands.

May we be more loving, caring, thoughtful, and giving this year. Lord, we are all human. We make mistakes and go through things in our lives. Please Lord, help us to work on ourselves and to be the best version of ourselves, so we can be of service to others. May the less fortunuate  feel more love this year. May we not act so selfishly and many we try to understand before we speak. Lord, you gave us two ears and one mouth. May we listen with love in our hearts and speak words that will uplift others instead of putting them down.

May this year be a year of healing, loving, and peace. Please Lord guide us on the right paths in life and help us to work on living our most fruitful, joyous, and peaceful lives.

In Jesus name I pray,