A Look Back at 2018

As the year comes to a close, I decided to reflect on some of the great moments I experienced throughout this year.

2018 was filled with great and challenging moments. Fortunately, I survived them all and grew as a person.


I think my favorite moment of the year was graduating with my Masters in Public Relations, as valedictorian, from Full Sail University. It was a great program and I learned a lot about branding, social media, and using different platforms to influence the public, etc. This was an amazing experience that taught me amazing social skills, business skills, and professional skills.

New Job

My previous job wasn’t the best. I didn’t feel like I was living up to my fullest potential and it was a very negative environment. I knew how hard I worked in school and how much more I wanted for myself, so it didn’t sit well with me that I was settling for less. When I finally got a new position at a University, I knew this was the beginning of a new career path for me and I couldn’t be more grateful. This job is the complete opposite of my old job. The benefits are amazing and the work environment is fun and a lot more peaceful. Plus there are many opportunities to excel.

Launch of New Blog

Believe it or not, this is not my first blog I have created. I have tried time and time again, IMG_0945but I was never happy with previous blogs that I had created. I felt like they had no direction. I was too critical of my work and I ended up deleting every post I created. I took some months off from blogging and decided to reevaluate what I wanted out of my blog. After much thought and planning, I can say that I am more than happy with my new blog. I’m not even close to where I want to be, but I am happy with the progress I have made thus far.

Traveling: Napa Valley

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I promised myself that I would do more traveling this year. I stuck to that promise. One of my favorite trips was visiting Napa Valley. I have mentioned, more than once, how much I love wine, so I was excited to get the opportunity to go. To say that Napa was beautiful is an understatement. It was so relaxing and beautiful with all the grape fields and beautiful homes surrounded by mountains I loved learning about different wines that go with certain foods and trying different appetizers.

Concert Fun

I am not a huge fan of concerts. I hate the standing for hours and the crowds of people. I literally feel like I can’t breathe. The Masego and Goldlink concert wasn’t like this. It was so much fun. I enjoyed every song and didn’t mind the standing. Masego is one of my favorite artists. He mixes R&B and Jazz. He’s a new artist and he brings a more soulful vibe to this era. I love when a new artist comes out and create their own lane instead of creating the same music that we hear nowadays that’s really not music. Plus he can play the saxophone. His music is refreshing and unique.

Turning 25

5 years away from 30…..that’s scary in and of itself. 😳 I thank God for letting me see 25 years of life. I feel different and I see life in a different life now. I realized how fast time flies and how serious I had to be about getting my life together in many aspects from career to health. Instead of the what do you want to do when you get older talk, now I get the get your life together because before you know it, you’ll be 30 talk. Its almost comical how that’s changed over the years.

All in all, I can say it was a pretty great year and I am thankful for the many blessings I have received this year. I hope all of your years were filled with great moments as well.

-Comment your favorite moment of this year.-