What About “ME” Time

If you’re like me, you’re schedule can get pretty hectic. This leaves little time to sit back and have some much needed alone time, but that is when you have to get active about making that time.

We are constantly on the go and we wonder why our stress levels are at an all time high and why we feel like we could burn out at any moment. “ME”time could be just as simple as you taking five minutes to just breath and empty your mind and just be present. It could also be you coming home from a long days of work and having a nice glass of wine and watching your favorite television show.

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One of my favorite things to do for my “ME” time is trying new facial masks. My favorite brand of masks, at the moment, are the Que Bella masks. They smell divine and there is a huge variety to choose from. They also provide more than enough product in each packet.

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Once I have applied my mask, I pop in a movie or just watch a little television and relax.



It’s something that is so simple, but so peaceful and amazing. Sadly so many of us don’t even put ourselves as a priority. While it is great to put others before you and not be a selfish person, sometimes you need to take a breather and remember you are just human and not a robot.

I encourage everyone to try it. It can’t hurt. Sometimes you have to stop and take a chill pill. So, go take yourself out on a dinner date or go see a movie. Never ever neglect yourself because if you’re not running right, nothing in your life will.