Does This Face Massager Actually Work?

We pull, brush, wipe, and pluck at our faces daily which definitely ads to the aging of our skin and decreases the elasticity and vitality of our skin. This 24k golden pulse facial massager helps to repair some of the damage that we have done. This face massager helps to tighten and lift the skin while helping the blood to circulate throughout the face.


Lymphatic System (I am not an expert)
The lymphatic system (also known as the sanitation center of the body and a key component to the immune system) is very important to our health and is something people should start taking more seriously. It carries out the waste from every inch of the body as well as helps in fighting against bacteria and other dangerous pathogens that we are continuously exposed to. The reason the lymphatic system needs our help is because it does not have an automatic system like other organs i.e. the heart.
Benefits of the face massager
This beauty blender helps to wake up the lymph nodes in the face and neck area and releases congestion and drains fluids. It boosts circulation and helps to wake the skin up. If you don’t already own one, I suggest you add this to your shopping list. The difference I feel from just a month’s use is shocking My skin looks healthier and more youthful.
When should you use it?
I recommend using this massager in the morning after you have washed your face and before applying your moisturizers and creams. I spend five minutes slowly moving the massager against my lymph nodes, across my forehead, along my cheek-bones, and by your eyes and ears. It also gives a great morning boost which I happen to love.